Introduction to Online Pokies

The term pokies is a popular slang in Australia. The game is popularly known as slot machines in other European countries. The virtual version of the game is referred to as online pokies. Online pokies are a type of online game that is played using a desktop or mobile device. This is usually played through an online platform that can be download based or non-download based. The non-download platform is usually instant play and compatible with many browsers. You can visit to learn more about playing online pokies.


Choosing an online casino and claiming bonuses

Before you get started with playing online pokies, you need to select a suitable online casino that will make your experience seamless. This online casino must have met some requirements before it becomes eligible for selection. The most important requirement is that the online casino must be officially licensed by recognized gaming bodies in the jurisdiction in which the casino operates. Also, the casino must have responsive customer support to help with issues you might encounter on the casino in any case.

After selecting an online casino, the next step to create an account and make a deposit. Some online casino, however, offers a welcome bonus to all new signups. Do make sure to read about the requirements to understand how to claim the bonus. Also, get acquainted with the wagering requirements set for the bonus. After this process, you can proceed with spinning the reels and hitting big wins. Some online casinos allow demo testing if you just want to play for fun.

Getting started with online pokies

Online pokies come in different forms and the most popular type is the reel form. At first, online pokies started out as a 3-reel pokie. This is the typical fruit slot machine you come across at old land-based casinos. However, recently these simple pokie has evolved into the 5-reel pokie. This type is built with more interesting features such as wild, scatters and wheel of fortune. With this, players have a higher chance of hitting a win. Other online pokie types include:

  • 7 reel pokie
  • Progressive jackpot pokie

Playing online pokie is quite easy, even for beginners. The process simply involves setting your bet size by adjusting the bet limit feature at the bottom of the game. Then you will find a large spin icon that you can use to get the game started. For every spin, a portion of your total balance will be deducted and if you land any bonus or win, the extra cash will be automatically added to your balance. This continues until you decide to stop playing

Quick tips on winning

Online pokie is completely a game of chance, however, there are several tips you can take on to improve your chance of winning. The first is to go for games that are not too popular. In many cases, these games have a higher house edge and might impact the chance of winning. You should also join online forums created especially for the particular slot you have chosen. This will give you an insight into what other players have experience while playing the game.